Thurston Peak


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View looking South from the Spring just prior to the final climb to the ridgeline

Thurston Peak is the highest point in Davis county Utah. It's also close to my home, and gives me a great viewpoint for taking in the area where I work and live. The trail offers some areas of moderate tree cover, but for the most part it offers little except for the terrain to block satellite reception. I highly recommend keeping your eyes down though being as how I've encountered at least one rattlesnake every time I've hiked this trail during summer months.

For this hike I recorded data with my legend sitting in it's normal place atop the left shoulder strap of my Camelbak pack. My daughter was using a basic eTrex hooked to her belt, which resulted in the normal improper carry problems. The Legend quit recording the track about a mile from the end of the trail due to the tracklog being full. (The recording mode set to auto/more) My daughters etrex also quit recording prior to the end of the trip when her batteries died. The difference between the the up and down routes near the top of the ridge is a result of our not being able to see the trail anymore. We ended up route finding for part of the trip.

The legend seems to have recorded the track fairly accurately, although it did throw one waypoint off by a fair bit up on top of the ridgeline to the left of the big rock structure in the center of the photo above. The tracklog from the basic eTrex shows the receiver struggled considerably with reception due to improper carry position. It has many holes in it and shows a lot of misplaced waypoints.

Legend track overlaid on TOPO map     Size: 1,146kb

eTrex Track overlaid on TOPO map     Size: 1,090kb

Legend track data

eTrex track data